diumenge, 10 de maig de 2009

The last Tour.

The last 31 of May 2009 AC/DC was playinng in Plau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, his penultimate concert in BArcelona in the lasst tour. Some friends and me went to this concert and was brutal ,fantastic and very beautiful concert. AC/DC is a group of music, created in Sidney (Australia)1973 from Angus Young and his brother Malcolm Young. AC/DC is a group of Hard Rock. The actual members of AC/DC are Angus Young and Malcolm Young (guitarists), Brian Johnson (singer), Cliff Williams (bass) and Phil Rudd (drummer). Other very important member in AC/DC is Bon Scott the other singer before Brian Johnson, because is dead.

In my opinion the best songs of AC/DC are Thunderstruck, Highway to hell, Black in Back, Stiff upper lip, Shock me all night long, who made who, T.N.T, Money Talks, High Voltage… they have a lot of good songs. In the concert AC/DC was played Thunderstruck one of the most famous of group.

This song is a perfect song this is THUNDERSTRUCK!!!!!!

(thunder) (x10)
i was caught
in the middle of a railroad track (thunder)
[...of a lightning attack]
i looked round
and i knew there was no turning back (thunder)
my mind raced
and i thought what could i do (thunder)
and i knew
there was no help, no help from you (thunder)

Sound of the drums
beatin' in my heart
the thunder of guns
tore me apart
you've been - thunderstruck

Rode down the highway
broke the limit, we hit the town
went down to texas, yeah texas
and we had some fun
we met some girls
some dancers who gave a good time
broke all the rules, played all the fools
yeah, yeah, they, they, they blew our minds

I was shakin' at the knees
could i come again please?
yeah the ladies were too kind
you've been - thunderstruck, thunderstruck
yeah yeah yeah, thunderstruck
oh, thunderstruck, yeah

Now we're shaking at the knees
could i come again please?
Thunderstruck, thunderstruck
yeah yeah yeah, thunderstruck
thunderstruck, yeah, yeah, yeah

Said yeah, it's alright
we're doing fine
yeah, it's alright
we're doing fine
(so fine)

Thunderstruck, yeah, yeah, yeah,
tunderstruck, thunderstruck, thunderstruck
whoa baby, baby, thunderstruck
you've been thunderstruck, thunderstruck
thunderstruck, thunderstruck, thunderstruck
you've been thunderstruck


Playoffs are the last part of NBA; this league is the best league in the world and is the National Basketball League of Unite States. In this league play thirty teams in total, fifteen of west conference and fifteen of east Conference. But in the east conference are fourteen teams in Unite State and one team, Toronto Raptors that is in Toronto in Canada.

In this league first play ninety matches old of teams and the best sixteen play the playoffs, the best eight teams in the west Conference play de playoffs and the best teams in the east Conference also play the playoffs and the final of NBA play the best two teams, one of the west Conference and the other, the best of east Conference. Last year the champion of NBA was Boston Celtics that his player’s leaders are Kevin Garnet, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. This year the favourite teams for win the NBA are Los Angeles Lakers with his best players Pau Gasol, who is the best Spanish player, Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom, Boston Celtics with Garnet, Pierce and Allen, but in my opinion the best team in the NBA, with Lebron James, is Cleveland Cavaliers. The others best teams in the NBA are Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, Orlando Magic, Detroit Pistons, New Orleans Hornets, Huston Rockets, Denver Nuggets…

Now, only play Lakers and Huston, Denver and Dallas, Boston and Orlando, and Cleveland and Atlanta. Cleveland and Denver win 3-0 in their series and in the others win Lakers and Orlando 2-1. I think that the winner will be Cleveland Cavaliers that in the final will play against Los Angeles Lakres.

dissabte, 9 de maig de 2009

Number 1.

In my opinion tennis is fantastic sport, and very original, I believe that is very beautiful play with a racket and one ball between two players or sometimes four.

Now, Roger Federer (Swiss) is the second best player of this world, because is the number two in ATP classification and the best player, number one in the world is Rafa Nadal (Spanish). Roger is the one of the best players in the history, because with Pit Sampras, Andre Agasi and more players are having more tournaments or champions. But now Rafa Nadal normally wins Federer in a lot of games. Recently there are two players as Andy Murray (Scotland) and Novak Djokovic (Serbia) that are the only players sometimes win Rafa or Roger. The most important champions on tennis are Roland Garros in Paris, Wimbeldon in London, Big open to Unites Stats in Washington and Big open to Australia in Melbourne.

Also there are important tournaments that aren't the best, as Masters of Madrid, Masters of Roma, Masters of Miami and Masters of Singapur... The only tournaments that only go the eight best players in ATP is the Champion of Xangai, is the last tournament.

Nadal this year wins the first big tournament in Mealboure and a lot of small tournaments as Godo Barcelona, Roma, Montecarlo… Nowadays Nadal is the best player for this reason, last 5 years fins Roland Garros and last year also wins Wimbledon two most prestigious tennis tournament.

Final Four.

The Final Four is the last part of Euroleague, which this year was played in Berlin. In this part of Euroleague participate four Europe teams in two matches, semifinals and final. In the last Final Four played FC Barcelona against CSKA Moscow and two Greece teams Panathinaikos against Olympiacos.

After NBA, National Basket Association, the best league in the world is the ACB, National Spanish League of basketball, that is the best and the most famous league in Europe. But in Europe also played the Euroleague which plays a lot of teams of Europe, Russian teams as CSKA Moscow, Israel teams as Maccabi Tel Aviv or Greece teams as Olympiacos and Panathinaikos, these teams with Spanish teams are the most popular and the best teams in old continent. Other teams that play in the Euroleague are Lottomatic Rome, Partizan Belgrade, Aris Salonica, Armani Jeans Milano, Montepaschi Siena, Efes Pilsen and more.

This year, the Spanish teams that play in Euroleague are Real Madrid, Unicaja Malaga, Tau Vitoria and FC Barcelona. In my opinion the most popular players in this league and the most decisive are Solomon of Fenerbache Ulker, Papaloukas that plays in Olympiacos team, Bullock in Real Madrid, Marcus Brown in Zalgiris Kaunas, Navarro in FC Barcelona, Sarunas Jasikevicius in Panathinaikos and more.

In the last Final Four that played in one of March weekend the winner was Panathinaikos Athens, this team won two of last three Euroleagues.

Armstrong Returns.

Lance Armstrong, a lot of people say that is the best cyclist in history, he won seven consecutive Tours, the competition queen, only Armstrong has won seven Tours. There are others cyclist winners of five Tours as Miguel Indurain, Jacques Anquetil, Eddy Merckx and Bernard Hinault. But majority professionals opine that Lance Armstrong will be the best cyclist forever.

The cycling is one of the hardest sports in this world. There are many people that practice this sport. In Belgium, Germany, Spain and Italy are countries that there are more people amateur. Also in these countries play the best and most important competitions of road cycling. The queen of competitions is The Tour of France that plays in France, where also there are more people amateur. The road cycling bikes are more lightweight and more beautiful than mountain bikes, in my opinion. Now, the best cycling players are Tom Boonen (Belgium), he is sprinter and plays in Quick Step Team, Alberto Contador (Spanish), he is climber and plays in Astana Team, Fabian Cancellara (Swiss), plays in Saxo Bank Team and is timed player...

In 2008 Tour edition, won Alberto Contador, Fabian Cancellara won two stages and Tom Boonen also won two stages. In conclusion, in my opinion, these three players nowadays are the best in the world of cycling. And in the last edition the winner was Carlos Sastre other Spanish cyclist.

This year after three years retired Armstrong returns to competition in the Astana Team with the best cyclist nowadays Alberto Contador. Armstrong begins in Australian Tour and now is playing Italian Giro, after the Giro Armstrong goes to win his last Tour of France.

diumenge, 8 de març de 2009

Research Project

The topic of my research project is the School musical of the Castello d’Empuries . I chose this topic for various reasons: Because my grandfather worked in the school during twenty years since 1987 until 2007 and also because I play in one of the musical groups of the musical school.

This research project has three principal points; the first that explain the precedents of the musical school, the second point is main point and explain the history of the school and his hear teachers. And the last main point explains the musical groups of this musical school, the old cobles and the present cobles.

Also explain in the research project the changes that were suffered the last summer the school, also the patrimonial and the archive of the School Musical. The mark of this research project according the three teachers is a nine.

dimecres, 4 de març de 2009

The Davis Cup

The Davis cup is the best competition of tennis in the world where play the best nations whit the majority of the best players in the ATP classification. The cup of the Davis cup is one of the biggest of the all cups.

The last winner of the Davis cup is Spain that the last year won Argentina in the final disputed in this country and Spain without Rafael Nadal the number one of the ATP that means the best player of the world. Spain won with Fernando Verdasco, Feliciano Lopez and David Ferrer.

This year, Spain has begun against Serbia of Novak Djokovic that is the number three of the ATP and Janko Tipsarevic. Spain played with Ferrer, Nadal, Robredo and Feliciano Lopez and they won Serbia for 3-1. Ferrer won Djokovic in the first match after Nadal won Tipsarevic and Spain lost the third match of doubles. To finish today at ten o’clock Rafael Nadal wins Djokovic for 6-4, 6-4 and 6-1 and with this result Spain has win Serbia.

With this victory Spain go to the next round, quarter finals that will be against Germany or Austria.